Pre-orders for the limited edition run of the 2021 ELCAF Haul are now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in purchasing one.

Each ELCAF Haul brings together work from 29 specially selected artists, illustrators and collectives. You’ll receive the following: 5 posters, 5 zines, 10 postcards, 2 workshop sheets, 2 pin badges and a set of stickers.

We’re so proud to champion this incredibly talented set of artists from all over the world. Some are ELCAF staples you may recognise, and some are completely new voices that were discovered during February’s open call. The range of work within the Haul really encapsulates for us the diverse and innovative voices seen at ELCAF every year, and we hope it captures just some of that spirit of the festival that we’ve missed so very much recently.

Why are we charging for the ELCAF Haul and where is the money going?

The haul costs £10, a subsided price only made possible through our grant from Arts Council England, which is where 100% of our funding has come from this year. Subsiding printing costs with this money to create an accessible price point felt very important to us, and if the Haul breaks even, it is something we hope to be able to explore again in the future.

If we sell enough copies of the ELCAF Haul to make a profit, any additional money made will go back into the festival and the artists – whether that’s through facilitating further paid commissions in the future, or going towards funding the next in-person instalment of the festival. Every penny we earn goes back into supporting future ELCAF events and creating other paid opportunities for artists.

We’re also really proud to be supporting small local businesses via the printing of the Haul, so shout out to South London’s PageMasters, Gemini etc for their help!

The creation of the ELCAF Haul has been a real labour of love from both the artists and all three of us here on the ELCAF team over the course of this year. We really hope you all love it as much as we do x

* For any queries relating to Haul purchases, please DM us via our ELCAF Instagram page (include your email address) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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