ELCAF 2020 Zine – A Need for Change


Our very first ELCAF Zine is here – you can now download ‘A Need for Change’ here

Centered around the subjects of Wellness, Rest & Care, Proactivity & Productivity and Thought & Activism. The artists that would have been exhibitors at our festival this summer have contributed generously to make this piece of work possible – and we’re so excited to make it available to you as we come to the end of our one month free programme for ELCAF 2020!

This work has been made possible with the help of Arts Council funding, and with the contribution of existing works by all of the artists featured.

If you feel able when you download the zine for free please consider making a charitable donation below. All proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter and The Hackney Winter Night Shelter please donate here:

Much love, the ELCAF team!



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